The Safe Out LGBTQ Youth Coalition is launching a new campaign called “Flip the Script.” to help raise awareness about prescription drug misuse in the LGBTQ community.

We’ll be providing weekly tips to increase awareness of prescription drug abuse, misuse, risks, and resources for the LGBTQ community, including misuse of opioids, prescription stimulants, and prescription depressants.  

Topics will cover:

  • Stats and trends about prescription drug abuse in the LGBTQ community
  • Information for parents and caregivers to help keep their LGBTQ youth safe
  • Safe disposal and storage of prescription drugs
  • Raising awareness about risks of opioid misuse and abuse  
  • Recognizing signs of misuse, addiction, and overdose
  • Information about safe storage and disposal
  • Resources for LGBTQ folks struggling wtih opioid abuse and addiction
  • Owning our power as leaders in our own health care
  • … and more!

LGBTQ individuals are at higher risk for opioid misuse, abuse, and addiction – but we don’t have to be. Let’s flip the script

Keep an eye out for our ads in Echo Magazine and future blogs for Flip the Script Tips to help keep our communities healthy, happy, and safe.

We also invite community members and organizations to help us author tips over the upcoming year. Would you like to participate? Let us know:


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